I am Oded Stein, a graduate student at Columbia University’s department for Applied Physics and Applied Mathematics. I am supervised by Prof. Eitan Grinspun of the Columbia Computer Graphics Group. Currently, I am at the Göttingen DDG lab for a research visit. You can contact me at oded dot stein at columbia dot edu.

My interests include geometry processing, numerical mathematics and optimization, simulation, differential geometry and algebraic topology. If it has anything to do with geometry, I am interested!

You can find my list of publications here. From time to time, I contribute code to Libigl, my favorite geometry processing library.

I am always happy to collaborate with fellow researchers. Just send me an email!

Short biography:

Oded Stein received a BSc in Mathematics in 2013 and a MSc in Mathematics in 2015 from ETH Zurich under the supervision on Prof. Ralf Hiptmair of the Seminar for Applied Mathematics. He was awarded the ETH Excellence Scholarship for his Master’s studies and earned a distinction for his MSc degree. Since 2015 he is working towards his PhD at Columbia University under the supervision of Eitan Grinspun. He has done an industry internship at Pixar research.

Cheeseman cartoon figure created by Alec Jacobson.